Motorola moto g7 power ant+

I have a Motorola Moto G7 Power and I want to use it with Zwift. Does my phone have ant+ and can I thus use it with Zwift? I have a sigma sport ant+ speed sensor, but can’t seem to connect it to my phone.

Great phone. Love it when Android warns to recharge as power is down to 15%, and then you look in the menus and discover that 15% means its good for another 24 hours.

Meanwhile, pretty sure it doesn’t have inbuilt Ant+. You would have to do it using an external dongle. But phone spec does vary by region (for example US models have NFC whilst UK (mine) don’t).

Yeah the battery life is insane lol! I never charge it.

Damnit I thought it had ant+, well that sucks.

Anyways thanks for your answer!

Sorry, should have said “external ant+ dongle OR use the phone’s Bluetooth.”