So recently my motivation has been going down down and down. Does anyone have any tips? Apps such as strava? Structed workouts? I am open to anything at all.


Thank you

Hi Mr. Alpaca

What is it you want to do and why do you want to do it?

Join a group ride and just pour the gas on the coals.

Better than a rebound relationship!

OK, OK it’s satire.


Group rides are a lot of fun and so are races.

Don’t worry about winning, I never see the leaders.

Just race and work with the other people who get dropped by the leaders and you will be amazed at how fun it is and how fast your riding.

What I want to do I improve my overall form and in next few months ride 100 miles. I want to do this since I did a 100km which was not too hard and I would like to be stronger when I next ride with my mates.

For your motivation, seeing a psychologist is an option.
For your stamina, hiring a coach is definitely a good option.