Motivation for older riders

Motivation for older riders

Bonus points for older riders after a year with Zwift. On birthday age 60, 250 points. Age 70, 500 points. Etc… We aren’t going to be around much longer. Retro active would be nice, I am level 33, 70 years old :slight_smile:

Reviewed Membership discounts suggestions. Great idea for us old folk. Have been teaching wife 66 yrs. Z riding and once or twice a week she borrows my avatar for a ride. She is up to 6 miles… don’t tell Eric Min. Well, he gave her a Ride On during a ride. Shoot, he never gave me a Ride On :slight_smile:

You don’t have to get back to me. Love your program.

I would love to see age graded racing


Look for the ZHR races, they even have a race series.

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