More Red Beacon for the crew

In my opinion it should be nice the possibility, to have more than one guy in red…and messages in the middle for the 1st sweeper too.
What do you think

Messages in middle for sweeper can be done already.

Its unlikely we would add extra beacons.

Messages in the middle… How? Is it not already available in game

Its an extra level of customisation we can add flr event organisers.

Ok… Nice to know… I ll ask to our guys and i ll write to u…
We have more than one sweeper. It should be nice to have more than. One beacon

There isnt really any value in having more than one red beacon.

Depends… On our sub2 ride we have a sweepers crew, and they work together to close the gap to the main group.
It s easier to identify… Now we r using capitol letters for SWEEPER before the surname but if they have all the red beacon it could be easier.
Now I asked to your team @James_Zwift, it seems possible to have messages in the middle, but only with 2 yellows, not one yellow and one red…

Yep, correct.

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