More pace partners

At least two of each at the same time would be nice…its getting crowded and then frame rate is terrible on older comps… :grin:

I don’t mind the large groups much when I’m riding with a pace partner. For me, it’s a nice break after years of (mostly) solo riding.

Things I’d like to see changed or improved?

  1. Pace partners in different worlds, or - at least - rotate the groups onto different routes around Watopia every now and then.

  2. Less ‘surging and lagging’. Seems like sometimes with the C group I’ll go way off the front when I’m barely pedaling, then I have to ease up even more to keep from riding away - only to then have the group go flying by. Then I’m suddenly off the back and working at 5 w/kg to get back on!

Also happens when climbing Titan’s Grove KOM with the B group. As a light rider and ‘natural climber’, I ride away from B. Brevet every time the gradient is > 0% and it always feel like I have to ride at an unusally slow pace to stay with him while climbing. So I end up climbing ahead with a small number of others in the group. Then, down the other side? Everyone else flies by and I’m struggling to get back on before we hit the bottom and the desert. On the flats, keeping pace is easier.