More Kilometers in activity, but not logged in the dashboard

(Chris Kölbl) #1



my activity dashboard shows less Kilometers and Elevation gain

than i ride. But in the activitiys it is all there.

How can i fix it?

(Jason K) #2

This is a bug we’re trying to fix, but if you’re getting partial rides, it tends to happen. While there isn’t a way to fix the existing rides, you can prevent this from happening by preventing partial rides. More information on that is on our knowledge base.

(Andrew O'Donnell (C)) #3

Hi Jason, I also have this issues whereby not all KMs and hours that appear in activities are adding to my ‘stats’. The strange part is that it is adding correctly for 30 Days but not All Time, so my 30 Days totals are larger than my All Time total. Thanks for your help.

(Jonas Hellborg SZR) #4

I have the same problem. The “All time” stats shows less than “30 days” which is correct if I sum up the activities. This might be a coincidence but the “Total time” counter of “All time” is stuck at 23 hours 59 minutes.