More help for <E newcomers?

Observation not criticism.
I’ve joined last week as a moderately fit male who has a had a few years off bikes. I’m doing the lower level fitness workouts and doing ok.
Genuinely live the concept and the group feel.
My girlfriend is the same but less experienced on a bike and has found it HARD.
Hard to the point of not being interested. All the group rides are way too fast and the work outs even with adjusted bias are one step beyond an absolute beginner.
Could someone please entertain the idea of a proper intro level build up and the occasional group ride?
Don’t get me wrong there are some super serious riders on here that are impressive and experienced.
I’m just asking if the Intro/recreational lockdown market needs looking at.
Background: We are both equestrians competing in Eventing, myself professionally, my partner on an amateur basis. We are both active each day managing 30 horses and a property from 7am - 7pm, We have good bikes (Jamis road for me, Cannodale MTB for her) and are running the Zycle Zpro smart trainer.

The trainer appears to be a wheel-on-model, do you feel that the watt-reading is about what is expected?

As for the group rides, you might want to look for E-class or some with “rubber band” on since you’re not dropped from them (unless you stop pedaling completely)

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