More Events in Australia (AEST) Key Times

I’ve posted this before, but it appears nothing is still being done to address this.

In key times that I (and most others in Eastern Australian, Japan, China ect) want to work out, i.e. Before Work or early evening, events are few and far between and what is often tends to be slow groups rides.

It’s really frustrating as if you look through events when other time zones (USA/UK) have their same peak period there are masses of events. Want to find a decent race in our time zone… good luck.

It’s a virtual platform… you could put events anywhere. It would be great if you could sort this out.

More events. More variety.

I.e. below:

One race PER HOUR in the peak time.
One of which is a 50km and too long…the 7.05 too short. ect… not a lot to chose from.

thank you again for looking. into this.