More control with companion app

Is it a good idea to have more control with the compaion app? Now you have to select the world/route and training scheme with your pc. Is it possible to have full control with the companion app like RGT has with his mobile app.

I am the opposite I want to not use the companion app during my ride at all. It put unnecessary strain on my phone, having the screen on for hours can’t be good.

But I can see some like you want more control.

I hope we can have use either. Best of both worlds.

I think when you lower your screen brightness, that there will be no issue. Some peoplo are watching movies on there phones for hours.
And when you control it with the companion app there is a way to turn screen off while riding.

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The only benefit to ZCA is the multiple ride-ons at once while free riding or doing a workout. If they somehow incorporate that into the PC/MacOS/AppleTV platforms ZCA would be useless except for AppleTV users to message.

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Yes that is also the only reason I use the app while riding.

It has nice features when not riding. and I use them all the time.