Monthly Subscription


If I wanted to add another user to my account can a better deal be offered instead of a single monthly payment per user? 

There is no family subscription at the moment, but if you do a search on the forums you will find a few request for it. Make sure you vote them up so Zwift knows what the users want.

We do not offer any kind of family subscription. What we do offer is child accounts to children under the age of eleven. You can find out more by heading over to the article we have written on child accounts.

You may also want to see if another user has made a request for family subscription on the feature request board to up vote the post. If the post gains enough traction the development team may look into offering one.

I have asked for it as well we just got a new Kickr smart trainer and it would end up being $30 a month for my wife and I so we are waiting for Zwift to make one before we sign up.

Not sure why you should get a discount for partners. Sounds unfair to single people. Now an annual discounted membership plan would be very useful