Monitor - curved screens, does response rate matter?

Hi all

With 2 zwifters in the house and both on permanent set ups I’ve decided to replace at 65" TV with two smaller screens. Looking to the side has become annoying. I’ve narrowed it down a lot based on what I’m prepared to spend, and what is available (NZ).

I would press go on a monitor but it is out of stock. It’s 32", flat screen, speakers, 1080, HDMI, 3ms response rate. Unfortunately there’s no telling when it will be available. It basically ticks all my boxes, is the cheapest option, but I can’t have it. Sigh.

For just a few extra dollars there is one that is very similar but the response rate is 8ms. Does this matter on Zwift? This is all it will be used for.

Add a few more dollars and I can get almost the same again but this time 5ms. And the screen is curved.

I have to admit, I’m intrigued by the curved monitor but wonder what the experience is like. The screens will be close, directly in front of the rider and at eye level. At the moment I’m leaning towards either the 8ms flat screen monitor, or the 5ms curved screen monitor as I like the idea of the higher resolution over the TV, and they’re available. Connecting via HDMI from iPad, Surface Go, and Surface Pro 5.

Basically, does response rate matter? Is curved screen good, ok, or best avoided?


Hi, I use a Samsung 27" curved monitor for Zwift running off a 4K apple TV. Response rate is 4ms, but never really thought about that when buying it or since. It works well.

Screen is very close to me when riding, I think the curve adds something, but not much in terms of the experience.

The only downside for me is that as it’s a monitor rather than a TV, it doesn’t have a remote. So although it’s close, I can’t actually change the volume while riding. Not an issue for me as I always listen to music on headphones, but it means that it’s a pain if wanting to use a different source to watch TV/movie on it.

For Zwift, no. You might get a very small competitive advantage if you were using it for high-skill first-person shooters, but that’s about all.

Thanks guys. Sounds like both are safe options. They will be dedicated Zwift monitors, so no issues with watching anything else on them - we have more than enough TV’s!

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