Momentum, physics is a harsh mistress

(Kelly Latham AHDR (C)) #1

I did my first counter clockwise ride today and was surprised by getting my first effective downhill on my Kickr ever. It’s a pitty I didn’t get to truely enjoy it and stop peddling. Which brings me to a few other comments related to this. 1) on downhills shouldn’t the program remove all resistance from my kicker? It didn’t matter whether I sat still or pedalled my heart out it made no difference on CCW downhill, should also disable pause on zero cadence for this section of track. 2) there doesn’t seem to be a weight bonus on downhills, I have to drag my sexy ass up those hills, surely a weight bonus downhill is only fair. 3) momentum doesn’t seem to exist. It doesn’t matter how much extra I put into the run up to a hill, the hill is just the same every time. The problem is that I get suckered into this game and ride like it’s real and get disappointed when it isn’t quite up to scratch. So I suppose that’s a compliment! Great job, let’s make it better.