Mobile Link on Android


I have successfully paired my PC Zwift software to my Atom Bike using ANT.

I have installed Mobile Link on my Android version 7.

All works fine except I can only see the course map and my data on the Mobile Link. In Game I cannot see the riders buildings etc (that is showing on the PC).

(The speed RPM etc is showing showing correctly in the insert box on the Mobile Link app. Bottom buttons on Mobile Link aslo work ok e.g "I am toast)

Can you please advise

Not totally following what you are saying.

The ZML will show the map and your data (and a few other screens), but it will not show riders and buildings like it does on your PC.

Here is a link to the KB about the ZML:

Thanks Paul, you have answered my question.


I have another question if you or someone can advise.

Can you use gear mode in a group event on a Watt Bike Atom?