Mobile link - notifications not working

(David Raimist [Bike MS]) #1

No longer receiving notifications for those I follow as friends. The settings are on. Seems others are experiencing these same issue.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

Log out of the app and close the app, this will clear the cache. Open the app and log back in and the notifications should work again.

(Eric Min) #3

If you are still having issues, delete the app and download it again. It’s possible you missed the prompt about allowing the app to receive notifications. 

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #4


That will pop up if you log out of the app and close it and open it again and log back on, I do it often.


(David Raimist [Bike MS]) #5

Still no go after doing as above. I am getting notifications about Events about to start. But not when those I “favorite” are riding. I have the notifications configured as you can see. Also, the sliders don’t work properly. If I slide one, it just slides/springs back. If I then leave that screen and go back, the change is then reflected.

(Eric Min) #6

Make sure you have the “star” icon selected next to the flag. 

(John Cole • Dutch Diesel) #7

This feature has never worked for me. I have starred my favorites, and have all notifications turned on. Still nothing.

(Chris Naude) #8

Having the same issue, uninstalled the app multiple time and still no go…

(Eric Denning [ODZ]) #9

Same problem here… this used to work fine.  I receive notifications for events, but not for friends that I’ve “favorited” like before.