Mobile link for 7 day trail

(tony hoskins) #1

Hi , I am using the free 7 day trail and have downloaded the companion mobile link to my phone but I can’t seem to have full access to the app . It won’t let communicate with laptop/tv when I am riding . Is this because it’s the free trail and you get the full package when you start paying .
Ps , I am loving the game/rides :+1:

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

You need to make sure that the computer running the Zwift App and the phone running the Zwift Companion App are connected to the same router, the connections is made over WiFi. Also, make sure you are using the same account on both devices.

It is a full featured trial, no limitation.

(tony hoskins) #3

They are and I am !! I think !! How can I tell if I am or not using the same account?

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #4

You need to log into both devices, so you should see the same stats on each.

(tony hoskins) #5

Hi Paul ,

I have done that since I started and I still get full access on my phone !! , will again try later👍


(O OldStuntMonkey (PACK) KISS (D)) #6

I have issues with the companion app, it is connected to the same wifi network, both units are signed in correctly, yet when I open the companion app the dashboard flashes on the screen and then the display goes to the background display showing: No of Zwifters, Events, Activities and Goals? Do I have an incorrect setting?