Mobile Link Controls for New Course

I love the new Ocean Course/Loop.  One frustrating thing is that when group chats appear they block the course direction buttons on the Mobile Link App.  So, if you are approaching the intersection and group texts are flying in, you can’t press the left and right direction buttons.  You can swipe the group text banner up, but sometimes a new one comes in immediately before you can press the direction button.

This issue is not limited to the direction buttons.  It is any button on the top of the Mobile Link App that gets blocked by the Group Text banner.  Basically, the Group Text banner needs to appear in such a way that it doesn’t block the command buttons.  As of this morning, I’ve turned the Group Text feature off on the Mobile Link.  However, this doesn’t seem like the best long-term solution.

Thanks again for the great new course and features!

And there is A:LWAYS ‘look at me’’ Group Commenting going on making the direction buttons on the mobile app unavailable.


Maybe change those direction buttons to the bottom rather than the top, or if there’s a way to disable comments appearing just for the mobile app (but not the main programme as Group Ride comments can be useful) then that could be a workaround.

I’m experiencing this, too.  Maybe, swap out the replacement buttons to the hand wave or elbow flick buttons, which I don’t think are used often.   

I’m ok with this now - Once I blocked all comments on the App via Settings, the turn buttons are no longer covered by any comments and I can still see comments on the main screen as before if I need them