Mobile link app, wrong power



i have installed mobile app and link app. Mobile app works ok, power is diplayed as it should be, but if i am using link app, it displays like 1200 W or 0 W.


Wifi connection in bluetooth is ok, Is there anything else i can do?


Trainer is: Elite TURBO MUIN SMART B+


Mobile phone: Iphone 6

Make sure you’re pairing your trainer under Power, not Speed, which is what it looks like you’ve been doing. If you’re still having problems after that, you can submit a support ticket via


Yes the same issue. I tried IT again to be 100% sure and Yes, or IT is 1200w or 0w.

App works ok, Just this link app does not work as IT should

I have exactly the same problem with a new Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+.

Seeing as you are using the app Im guessing your connecting via bluetooth as well. Are you able to pair yours by the “power” sensor?

Part of what I think is causing the issue for me, is the qubo doesnt appear in the pairing under the “power”" selection list (even though its a smart trainer), however the device does show up under the  “classic trainer” device listing.

Soon as i spin the pedals the power is maxed out, same as you describe above.

Depending on what classic trainer i choose you end up with:

Generic = limit of 400w / any other elite trainer = 1200w.