Mobile beta test TestFlight

I have TestFlight and IOS 8 installed. When i click on the open in TestFlight link I do not see the application loaded.

Hi Troy,

If you are part of the beta, the e-mail that arrived should have specific instructions on how to properly download the Zwift companion app.

Hi Eric,

I did receive an email from iTunes Store “TestFlight: You’re invited to test Zwift 1.0”. However, even after installing TestFlight and clicking on “Open in TestLight” from within the invitation I do not see the companion app.

Hi Troy,

Did you open it either in your native iOS Mail App or via Safari?

I actually opened it within the GMAIL app native. Tried loading GMAIL via Safari and was able to then load it.

Hi Troy,

Correct. TestFlight only works well within either iOS’s NATIVE mail app or via Safari. Apparently they want you to stick with Apple stuff :slight_smile:

is there’s separate list to get in line for the mobile beta? How do I get on it?


Can people still get added to the beta? I have an iPhone 5S running iOS 8

I have installed on my iPad mini gen.1 and the app then told me the unit is incompatible… Is that correct or are there a workaround for that?