mobile app

(Eric Eddy) #1

I downloaded the mobile app, and once logged in, all I’m able to see is “sneak peak at who’s riding”. I don’t have a back button, I couldn’t see a " dashboard" during a ride. Logging out, shutting down and restarting the app have no effect.

Am I missing something simple? There don’t appear to be any icons to touch, no back buttons, gestures, etc. I’m going to uninstall next and start over.

(Clint Westhoff) #2

Your mobile device has to on the same wifi (or wired) network as zwift for it to work. Once Zwift is up and running the mobile app screens should start working. If your internet on the mobile device is a different network, like sprint’s or verizon’s, it wont work.

(Eric Eddy) #3

Ah! Makes sense now. They are on the same network, but my laptop is on a VPN that the Android tablet is not a part of. Thanks for the tip!!

(Jeff Doughty PVC WBR (B)) #4

I wish my issue was as simple as yours.

I downloaded the app and had the same issue as you. It would only show the current rider list. I was connected via LAN to my PC and the wireless network provided by that modem/router on my android. I tried installing a USB Wireless card into my PC and it still would not work. I uninstalled my antivirus, changed all network settings to open, sharing etc. All firewalls turned off. Any possible setting I changed. STILL it would not show anything but current riders.

I connected to an open wireless network provided by my neighbor, on both my cell phone and my p.c. BOOM it worked like it was supposed to. I do not know why my Modem/Router will not allow the two devices to talk but it wont. I even tried a different router attached to the modem instead of the internal one… that didn’t work either. Super frustrating but no the end of the world.

Just thought I would share my experience.

(Eric Min) #5

Jeff - open a ticket. Maybe the support team has some tips.

(Robert Struthers) #6

I used the mobile hotspot on my cell for data to my laptop. This makes it impossible for my cell and my laptop to be on the same wifi. My laptop is running through my cell.
Anyway the two can pair through both being logged in, instead of looking for the wifi network?

(T Smutz) #7

I have both the laptop (Mac) and phone (Android) on the same WiFi but the mobile app does not seem to connect - all I get is the rider list…

(Tom Bakken WBR 65+) #8

I have the same problem. I have Comcast for internet and have the Arris modem/router. I suspect there is something about that router that is stopping full functionality of the mobile app. To those of you having this problem, what router are you using ?

(Daniel Gonzalez) #9

I recently “upgraded” to Time Warner’s new high speed internet that requires the Arris modem. I also lost the ability to connect the mobile app to Zwift while on the same internet connection. Did anybody solve this issue? 

(Brian Gorby) #10

Hi Daniel,

Can you open a support ticket? We’d like to get some more information from you to better isolate the problem.