Mobile app on a tablet (rotation problem)

(Tony Phoenix(Pheeny)) #1

So I have a 7 inch tablet and also have a “tacx bracket for tablets” thus I have to have the tablet vertical,the problem then is that when I load the mobile app the screen will not rotate so is there any way of solving this? 

(Tony Phoenix(Pheeny)) #2

Never mind I’ve downloaded Rotation control and sorted it that way. 

(. TomH..) #3

Hi Tony,

Thanks for sharing your solution.

Ride On!

(Éric Lamoureux) #4


I have the same problem with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. I tried with a app, Rotation Control from the Google Play Store, but it didn’t work.

(Tony Phoenix(Pheeny)) #5


Try rotating your screen and locking it before you logon to zwift.

(Éric Lamoureux) #6


I don’t tried before, but it doesn’t work, my screen return to his vertical position when I open the app.

(Tony Phoenix(Pheeny)) #7

You have to “lock the screen” 

(Ramon Ballester) #8

Same poblem here. App seems to work only on vertical position


Very annoying to use it with tacx bracket