Mobile App iOS issues after latest desktop update

(j oey) #1

Prior to the 2 most recent desktop update, the iOS mobile app (most recent available in the  app store) worked fine. Connection was good, the various screens where matched with what was being displayed on the computer monitor and when you made a screen capture, the photo was sent immediately to the phone’s photo app.

With the latest 2 desktop updates, the app will sometimes hang on the sneek peak screen, or just give a white/gray screen. When it eventually connects the riders list does not match the list on the computer screen. This goes the same with the main power/time screen. Where the time spent riding will be frozen to the time it first connected but then refuse to update.

Additionally, when using the screen shot feature, the photo does not get sent to the phone’s photo app but remains on the desktop. Also if the main power/time and rider list was in sync pressing the screen capture app will freeze these data.

Again, prior to the 2 desktop updates, the iOS app worked with no issues. Is there another updated iOS app on the way already to address this already?