Mobile App goes crazy

(Christian Dela Cruz) #1

After the desktop app update today, my mobile app keeps connecting and disconnecting with the desktop app.

Was working perfectly before the update.

Desktop: MacBook Pro OSX 10.11.3

Mobile: Android 5.0.2


(Eric Oshlo) #2

Same with me on the iOS app on an iPhone 6s & MacBook Pro Retina OS X 10.11.3. The mobile app did finally stay connected and display correct data after several connect, disconnect, kill app, relaunch cycles. I was running Zwift in workout mode.

(Nate Kemp MNSTRS🚴🏽545) #3

Same problems for me on iOS app, though I was on Just Ride mode.  Disappointing -  everything was pretty stable prior to the update, but this new desktop app update did something to break the robustness of link between the desktop app and the mobile app.  When depending on the Mobile App for BLE sensors, it makes Zwift completely useless, not just an inconvenience.   I got it to work briefly after several connect/disconnect/relaunch cycles, but then it crashed again and I gave up.

Data point of two, but the second and third times it crashed on me it seemed to be correlated with performing a U-turn.  

(Syd Nakter) #4

+1 on this. 

(system) #5

We are looking at this as we speak.

(Richard Passavant (NP)) #6

Glad to hear you’re looking into it - after the update yesterday I couldn’t get the iOS app to connect at all.

MacBook Pro - El Capitan 10.11.3

iPhone 6s - iOS 9.3b4

(Anna Bernardini) #7

Same here. 

MacBook Air - El Capitan 10.11.3

iphone 6S - 9.2.1

I use my iPhone app every time I ride Zwift and today I was constantly battling it. Deleted the app from phone and reinstalled and same with Mac app. 

Thanks for working on this!

(Anna Bernardini) #8

My iPhone 6S app worked great today! Thanks for the fast fix!!!

(Richard Passavant (NP)) #9

Second that - mine worked great today too.

(Syd Nakter) #10

All fixed here too. Thanks.