Mobile App -- Don't replace the workout keys (FTP bias / pause / skip) with turn keys

Inevitably, when I am doing a workout and feel the need to skip a segment / pause the workout / adjust the resistance, I am coming up to a turn so I do not have the appropriate keys on my mobile app.  I therefore either have to wait until after the turn to make the workout adjustment or use my computer keyboard (which is not so close).  It would be much better to overwrite unimportant keys like “Hammer Time”, “I’m Toast” and “Nice” with the turn keys.  The workout adjustment keys should never go away.


Alternatively, if like me you are fumbling for your phone to hit the turn key and then end up missing it and hitting the key that changes back that has an impact…simple thing…but annoying when it happens.

This did hapen to me Also. And Wen it does, you can’t fix it. To me the solution would be to move the workout buttons (slip & pause) in the other screen, (the one showing power and cadence). 


+1 on this issue.

On a broader level, all buttons which control aspects of a workout should be available at all times. That includes pause, skip and the ftp+/- buttons. 

Just today I wanted to adjust the FTP bias and found I had to wait while the turn buttons were presented. Then I accidentally hit "skip’ and abandoned my whole interval…

I would suggest the sacrifice should be directed at other buttons with social aspects. This is not to be anti-social, just recognising that emotes are not a crucial function during an interval set. I can accept on occasion, I might not be able to do it.

Further, the skip segment button should either require a delay, like U-turn, or riders should absolutely have both directions (i.e. << and >>). 

Honestly, both directions make a lot of sense and adds ease of use and flexibility.

If you’re in a workout and want another go at an interval, more rest, or a longer set, having the ability to repeat something is very handy. Other training software does have this capacity.


Please, Zwift team, don’t replace the pause and skip buttons with useless “Hammer time” etc. buttons when coming to a turn. If I am in a workout and am completely spent after a sprint section, I don’t want to have to wait until I am passed a turn in order to hit the pause button.