mobile app display is imperial only.....

(J Edwards(TFC RACE TEAM) ZZRC) #1

The display on my mobile is imperial whilst on my laptop in game its metric,but the amount of miles i have ridden are the same so is the elevation climed whether its feet or metres it still reads the same number…ie 300 miles on mobile and 300 km on laptop…speed is the same to ie 30 mph mobile and 30 kph on laptop.confused…

(Jason K) #2

Thanks for reporting this issue! We’ve got a fix in the works that we haven’t pushed live yet, so you can expect to see this solved soon.

If you come across any other issues, please submit a support ticket. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

(J Edwards(TFC RACE TEAM) ZZRC) #3

Will do…

(Tony Cole (NZ-JAM) z50+) #4

Hi Jeff, 

Has an option been added to the Mobile App to change between metric and imperial distances. When I view current riders from my phone speed/distance is imperial, and when I login to ride from my pc, I have speed/distance set to metric.