Misuro B+ Or Garmin sensors?

Hi everyone
Hoping I’m posting this in the right spot.
I’m working on getting equipped for the winter, just bought an Elite Qubo Flyid trainer, I use a Garmin Fenix 6 and mainly Strava.
To upgrade to a smart setup, should I use a Misuro B+ sensor or Garmin’s speed and cadence sensors? Any feedback or tip is welcome! Thanks!

I think the Misuro B+ can give you power data out of the box or am I wrong?

You won´t get that info with just speed and cadence sensors, and I thing for biking in zwift power data is a must.

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The Misuro is basically just a speed sensor that outputs power numbers (which Zwift in turn treats the same as zPower), so accuracy-wise there is no real difference.