Missions not showing on new home screen

The upcoming Kask Protone mission is not showing on my home screen. Posted 13 June, mission is starting 16 June. Latest update has been applied. Can anyone else see this mission?

New missions appearing in the game tend to occur during the Pacific Time working day (as ZHQ is on the US West Coast), so if this does appear today, it will likely be around six hours from now. Zwift will probably create a pinned thread in the Forums first, too.

Edit: Looking on Zwift’s Events page for this, it says:
« Registration opens at 15:00 UTC on June 13. », so 17:00 Central European Summer Time (same as SAST).

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The sign-up tile is clickable in the old home screen UI (iOS).

Good to see in the Events page for this mission that the exact start time that rides will be counted from on 16 June is also clearly indicated (also 15:00 UTC). That should avoid some confusion/frustration…