Missing workout in Zwift 101: Cycling?

Hello there,

I am enrolled in the Zwift 101: Cycling training plan, and while I am finding it worthwhile, the numbering is a bit weird.

I’ve done workouts 1 and 2, but the next ones are numbered 4 and 5. Am I missing something? I’ve seen a website called What’s On Zwift show there to be a ramp test as the third workout - should I be doing that next?

This happens to me, did you ever find a resolution? Workouts 1, 2, 4, and 5 are there but 3; the FTP Ramp Test is missing.

Nope, according to Zwift support it’s no longer part of the plan. Couldn’t get any info from them as to why the plan is still messed up like that.

I took a ramp test workout in the position of the one that was supposed to be in the plan, and that worked out fine.

Weird! I just did the same as you; did a single ramp test workout today in place of the plan’s day 3. They should fix this either by renumbering the other workouts and removing all references to the ramp test or put some text in the plan to suggest doing a ramp test yourself on D3. It’s pretty poor having a broken, incomplete training plan as the first one most new users see!

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I completely agree, it’s not great as an intro to Zwift.