Missing time on Movember Event

I’m also missing some rides. Just unlocked 75% but time registered in Companion very close to 10 hours. I signed up just before the Movember Kickoff ride on November 2nd. Got time for that but not for the Ricoberto Uran ride on the 3rd. Some other time is also missing. When the Rigo ride finished I selected continue to NYC (for a coll down) without quitting/saving the Rigo ride. When I had been teleported to NYC Zwift said that I had completed 0 hours of the Movember challenge.

Did you recently update your Zwift app to the latest version?

I had the same thing happen. It seems if you go to another event without quitting it is not recorded for Movember time.
And yes, I am completely updated using PC Windows 10.

Yes, same happened to me first ride is missing.

Having completed over 4 hours on the El Rigo challenge both hours and miles failed to be added to my avatar maybe Zwift could spend less on advertising and more on resolving issues.

Just a suggestion?

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Are you on the latest version of the app?

Most the issue on this thread could be resolved by insuring you are running the latest version of the app.

If your ride miles did not get uploaded to Zwift this could be an indication of issue with your connection to the internet.

No issues with internet as the ride both appears on my Strava app plus in my Zwift campion app in activities

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What do you mean by this?

Firstly the 4hrs plus the ride took was not added to my movember challenge, plus the 82 miles failed to be included in my total for year to date does that explain

Is your app fully up-to-date? The resolves most if not all Movember Event issues. What device are you using Zwift on and what is the version number?

The missing 82 miles could be a reference to the know glitch of the total miles for the year, 30 , 7 day not adding up. I keep track of my total miles on a 3rd party site (Strava) since it will keep track of both Zwift and IRL ride miles. As long as my Zwift XP is correct I am satisfied.

Just trying to help.

Much appreciated but like you I too keep tally on strava and all apps are up to date just don’t like being told by Zwift they are unable to sort the issue out poor?

What version of Zwift are you using?

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Hi it’s nothing to do with my apps as mentioned having completed a number of rides since, reported issues to Zwift who explained due to technical issues there end they are unable to reinstate activity which I find poor, but seems it won’t change just need to get it of my chest.

Frustrating sure you understand.

Same here. As shown on my Strava over 6 hours but only 1 Hour registered in movember at this are I need to get 50 hours in to make lt! Less than a month on Zwift and I like it but so many little bugs and issues

Same issue for me. I have over 10 hours logged in Zwift rides for the month, but the Movember counter only shows 3.7 hours. I’m missing 4 or 5 rides.

My only suggestion is to make sure you are on the latest version of Zwift at all times.

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On latest version PC Windows 10.
Have found if you go from one event to another without quitting it would only count first event.
Need to quit and restart if going from one event to another

Am also missing three from my total hours for Movember. It keeps showing only four hours instead of seven hours done.

Same here. Rides show up in zwift/TP/Strava but not on Movember Challenge. I’ve surpassed the goal yet only have 50%. Definitely glitchy.

I just jumped backwards, hit 75% (with banners etc) yesterday and today jumped on to do another hour and it showed 6.1 hours and gave me the 50% banner as soon as I started :frowning:

Companion shows yesterday’s session so looks like it saved ok.