Missing time on Movember Event

I registered for the movember event yesterday, and had the Jersey on during the ride. However, the only time time that seems to have counted towards the event is today’s El Giro De Rigo event.

Anyone else missing time?

Yep, signed up yesterday and immediately did a race, didn’t get any time. However, my cool down did get registered…

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Missing a full ride yet the ride shows up. Miles just don’t add up to what was ridden this week.

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Same issue here.
Did El Giro De Rigo here, but Movember is still on 0,0…

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Also seeing this issue, doesn’t reflect time I rode yesterday and today. During today’s ride got alert that completed 25% of challenge which is also reflected under my activities but not in the overall summary and don’t see the unlocked Movember 25% kit.

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Yes ,same problem.Already completed 9.9 hours for November,but no credit.

Same here. Happened in other missions (Kona) where my rides wouldn’t count towards my mission progress. Using the Android app.

I contacted them and here’s their response:

We have received a number of similar reports from other members missing Movember mission progress. While I’m sorry for any inconvenience or frustration this may have caused, we’re still currently looking into this issue and don’t have any workarounds or a fix available at this time.

If you finish the required amount of time in Zwift without the time that’s currently missing, great! If not, and you would have with the inclusion of the missing time, please let us know after the mission ends, and we’ll be happy to have the kit added to your account.

same here, 3 rides missing by now

I’ve done 3 rides since starting the event and it looks like only the ‘just ride’ has counted, not the two workout sessions.

If this is the case it isn’t made clear, 90% of my riding is within workouts so will make it tough to complete. Maybe a good excuse to do some Alpe du Zwift ascents.

No that is not true, I have done 2 workouts and 1 free ride and 1 group ride and all counted.

2 rides in events and neither counted. Two cool downs outside of events and both counted.

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I’ve done 4 workouts after signing up for Movember. First 2 count, last two have not, so seems hit or miss. Good thing we still have 3 weeks to ride.

Yep I’ve done two rides towards Movember both 1 1/2 hrs…during the ride the screen got glitchy and my avatar form disappeared and I was left as , wait for it…one shoe, helmet and sunglasses. Finished the ride but the information was not loaded. Contacted Zwift and had the usual internet connection faulty…which it wasn’t and at full speed.
Maybe I should of signed up as the ‘Invisible Man’?

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I’ve done four rides since Saturday. Three were of them were about an hour each, none of which appear to have counted. The only which appears to have counted was a 10 min trainer spin-down which I did immediately after a group ride Saturday to start the event.

I sure hope Zwift gets this sorted out. It would be unfortunate if the $25,000 donation Zwift committed if 10K people finished the challenge is missed because of a technical glitch on Zwift.

I’m experiencing the same - last week’s rides registered towards the total, last night didn’t but today did. Seems a little random.

Same here, I have biked more than 6 hours, In the status I see 3,9.
Yesterday I got the achievement message 50%. Didn’t get the shirt update even.
I hope that other will get the time als they biked. Hopely the donation will be achieved.

I’m also missing some time. I have reached the 50% mark but should be at 75% based on ride totals.

Everything was going fine and my 75% jersey was unlocked on schedule. I continued on with my workout for a further 1.6 hours and received no credit towards the 9.9 hours. Grrrr.