Missing ride?

(Kevin Booth ODZ) #1

My ride of this morning is missing in the dashboard. The ride also did not load to Strava. However, the metadata about the ride (mileage, new level, time, elevation, etc.) is included in my totals. The new set of wheels is available in the avatar setup arising from the new level gained during the missing ride.

Is this likely an issue at my end or at Zwift?

Suggestions for development:

  1. The ability to email the .fit file, and/or upload to Dropbox or similar, as with TrainerRoad, CVT, etc.
  2. Save a copy of the most recent .fit/.tcx files locally in the event of a server or connectivity failure.

Mac OS X 10.10.2

(Craig Pate) #2

I still have every single fit file saved to my folder, so that option is always available. From there you can email it…just not an auto transfer box.

(Rick Roof (PNW)) #3

I had the same issue just now.  The ride did not upload to starve but the totals are on my dash.


(Tony B) #4

Same issue tonight, total is there, but tonight’s ride is not.

(R SEV) #5

So what is the fix for this? this has happened a few times already…


(Ma'en Abdulla) #6

I just did a ride and it doesn’t show on my dashboard nor did it upload to Strava…

this has happened before. what is going on?is this a known bug

can you recover my ride please? 

(Ales Lazar) #7

Hi, sharing the same issue. My todays ride did not get uploaded to Zwift (only 1/3 of it actually), nor Strava: Can’t even see the mileage and ascent on my dashboard, nor totals. 

Could you pls help me recover my data?

(Marco Rodrigues) #8

Hi there. The same just happened to me tonight. Finished a ride. Pushed the end ride button and app crashed. This is frustrating because i can see the activity on my dashboard. is there anyway that i can retrieve the file to upload to strava?


(Paul Allen) #9


You can download it here: https://my.zwift.com/

Or if you are on a PC it will be in documents/Zwift/activities

Or from an iPad or iPhone: https://zwiftinsider.com/secret-feature-how-to-access-your-list-of-ride-fit-files-in-zwift-for-ios/