Missing recording of the event "Elite Ride To Win"

(Erik Schumacher) #1

Yesterday I did the “Elite Ride To Win” but I cannot find the recording on Strava, I just have the recording of my 10min warmup before the event. What happened on Zwift at this time, did you had any issues ? How can I get my ride data of this event ?

(Erik Schumacher) #2

Ok, meanwhile I have manually downloaded the ride data, but nevertheless it would be interesting to know why this event was not synced automatically with Strava.

(Deven Collins) #3

For us to investigate this kind of thing a ticket is going to be the way to go; we will need to look at log files form the ride. I have gone ahead and created a ticket for you, I will be able to further assist you there and we will find out why this ride did not upload correctly.

(Erik Schumacher) #4

Thank you Deven for your support. If you need any further information, please let me know.