Missing race

Just wanted to check - completed a ZA TT this morning but it’s not showing up on my dashboard… Is this just a wait a bit longer thing or has it not registered for some reason? Did you need to complete a workout first? Or some other requirement?



Same here, with the men’s TT race this morning.

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Mine’s the same - did the Bologna time trial and although the result is showing it’s still saying 0/4 races completed

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Hi all, we’re working on getting these TT races credited. For updates on this, please visit our known issues page here .

Thank you for your patience!


If you were missing a TT-Race, you should have been credited by now. However, there is an issue with how the credit shows up on your progress page. It will show up as a completed “Group Ride” instead of a completed “TT - Race.”

Not to worry, it counts the same for unlocks and graduation. While confusing, this is the fastest way we were able to make sure you received your credit.

Thanks, I’ve received the credit for the TT, but I’ve been credited another group ride as well so it’s showing 2/4 but I’ve only done that original TT, illness and changing turbo set up means it’ll be a late attack at academy for me. I’ll still do another 3 races/group rides anyway and I’m not up for a contract so doesn’t overly matter just confused me when I logged in the other day.

I so want to do a time trial. I couldn’t time that one day but looking forward to seeing these come up on the schedule soon. It’s the only way to compare riders across different time zones. I was so happy to see it included this year as i was a big proponent of it last year.

I must do 2 Races for finish the ZA, but I can’t because this two races almost never take place in the schedule. Climb and TT (I know TT had a problem).
Why are so many Groupe Race and almost never the other races?

You can do either group ride or race.