Missing Live Data Update

Put ZRL and WTRL TTT events on hold and take some time off Martin.

Thank g.od for the running shirt and afro haircut tho


i assume by that response zwift do not/have not bothered to contact you guys. if that is the case then zwift et al are showing utter contempt towards the founding fathers. Arrogant in the the extreme. Maybe you guys should contact other up and coming on-line race organisations and offer your services. zwift power and the racing scene was after all what made zwift so attractive; zwift power and the way it was run was a breath of fresh air.

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I smiled and shook my head when i saw the addition of afro’s and all the new bits of kit - the house is burning down and yet they are still looking in the mirror thinking ‘we are so pretty right now’

It is astonishing that this issue is still ongoing.

Bravo to Martin and team for somehow running another successful season of ZRL.

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Thanks for transparency on this. These problems are a significant blocker for racing across the board - with a particular hit on ZRL and the Thursday TTT.

With respect fixing them is about ZHQ priorities. Right now clearly resolving Zwifts inability to provide accurate and timely race data isn’t a priority. Please make it one.

Sherpa Dave

No comment. No update. Thread just closed. That’ll make the problem go-away!


Utterly ridiculous. No announcement, no reason for closing. Just don’t like the criticism, and don’t want to spend valuable fussball and hackysack time responding

What the ■■■■ happened to this company?!


Hey look new Pace Partner zones!


Calm down guys! It’s OK. They’re just closing it because on Monday Zwift Power will be fixed, the new UI will be released, rowing will be available, you’ll be able change route without exiting the application and Zwift will stop treating its core customer base like complete idiots.

Communicating With Your Core Customers 101 - a lesson in screwing up but still raking the money in, by Zwift.


Happy Friday everyone, We hear you, we just don’t want to hear you anymore.

Keep up the good work @xflintx @shooj


At least with a new thread we don’t have to page down through a months worth of complaints to see the new complaints.

Go ahead and keep closing threads we can just keep opening up new ones.

Possibly the better solution is to get someone to allocate the engineering resources to actually solve the problem.


That has to be the most passive aggressive contempt move I’ve seen from Zwift. Just shut down a valid thread where paying customers are complaining about a feature Zwift broke without even the common courtesy of a post explaining why they are shutting it down.

But we got a quick fix to the [ ] vs ( ) name truncation today so there’s that :rofl:


Flynn was writing a big reply, but I guess he thought better of it. It might have been this:

"Hi guys, I know the seeming lack of progress is disappointing. All I can tell you is that we are working as hard as possible on the fix, and hope to have something more positive to report back soon. I promise you, we hear you.

We actually print off all your replies and play bingo with them. I got a full house this week. It was nice to have the distraction from having to actually do any work. Turns out Zwift Power is really complicated. Maybe we should have looked in to it a bit more before taking it over, but anyway, YOLO!"


Hey everyone,

I closed the thread earlier today because I felt the conversation was no longer conducive to helping us find the solution to the missing live data. The fact that I didn’t have a response prepared at that moment was an instant of oversight, and I acknowledge that.

Please understand this: ZwiftPower occupies my entire work week now, and through this I’ve come to learn and love the site just like you all. Racing on Zwift is the reason many of you use Zwift, and ZwiftPower allows that to happen. The last thing any of us - especially me - want is to attempt to make that disappear. We’re committed to you as racers.

I understand where you’re coming from and can feel the frustration. Our team has been working for several weeks - in close contact with WTRL - to try and get some viable solutions out to fix the issues we’re seeing with the site.

We’ve been seeing improvements as of late last night (PST) and through this morning, but we wanted to be sure it was substantive enough to give an update. Right now, it looks that way, and this is a great sign; I followed several events to their end and all the live data seemed to be there.

There are so many things happening internally related to ZwiftPower that I want to share, and they’re also not in a state where we can comfortably speak to them at this moment. It is not ideal right now, I agree, and we want to get it running better than ever.

Your information and feedback helps us do that. What is not a help - and the reason I closed the thread - are messages that accuse us of inaction and apathy. Just as we ask you to be kind and understanding with your fellow racers, so we ask you to do the same to us here at Zwift.

Thanks for your understanding, and Ride On.


With this and the damp fart that was the latest update, it’s not been a great few days for Zwift PR. Only sliver of a silver lining is that it’s nice weather tomorrow, and the clocks are changing soon ish (I have a date for it at least).

Is there any information you can provide - about Zwiftpower or any other racing related development?

This isn’t a dig at you personally @xflintx, it’s just been so frustrating being a Zwift racer over what was the busiest Zwift winter season for most, with the lack of development and the ZP debale.


Clubs, Shirley.


Thanks for a more complete update. However you have to understand that the growing tone of frustration comes not because we’re mates and you’re letting us down. It comes because we are paying customers, and there is a certain level of quality and, perhaps more importantly, communication that should come with that as standard. And whilst it has been talked about a lot, it is consistently not delivered. Why are we so passionate? Because we can see the direction Zwift is going, and it’s not pretty. We want to be proven wrong, more than anything.

You say there are exciting things that you cannot speak to… again that is a Zwiftism. Why even say that? Either it’s an actual thing, that you have resource assigned to it to make it happen, or it’s BS. If it’s real than why not explain what it is, engage with us. Talk to us about your roadmap, gauge our feelings, work with us not against us.


That’s better. Thanks for reopening and responding to our frustrations.

However - the obvious answer here is staring you in the face.

Talk. To. James. And. Glen.