Missing Live Data Update

Any updates that can be shared? Raced last night and 20 min power not updated correctly.

Question: is the problem limited to specific category? I just peaked through B & C past events and don’t see it… anything different when processing A category events?

Can’t wait for the fix to be applied!

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Flint - why don’t you just get James Hodges to help with these things?! “leads”? “thoughts” - he “knows”!

Live tracker during races currently broken and it seems the race points system isn’t updating either.

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I don’t now if this posting of mine is here, because it is not related to life date, it related to fit file. But shows a problem to inaccurate data in “Sprint’s & KOMs” and “Primes”.

My FAL and FST points can not be calculated for WTRL race “Zwift Racing League | WTRL - Men’s/Mixed EMEA E1 DIVISION 3”, because my “Primes” results/times are not available on ZwiftPower. Also in “Sprint’s & KOMs” I can only find a time of lap two, but lap one had the fastest time.

Because of that, my team is loosing one place in the race result. ;-(

Is there a chance to recalculate at least “Primes”? Any try to update data for this race has not helped.

This isnt related to the issue being discussed here

I joined ZwiftPower nearly a month ago, I’ve completed 12 events (rides & races) and every one still says “Live data”. Is it just me?
(Lowly Cat D if interested)

Is your Zwift profile set to public? ZP can use fit files only the activity is public.

I think it had to be to link to ZP. How do I check back?

In Companion app (edit your profile or single activity; my profile is open for followers only. When riding and event, I set the activity to public when finished).
I believe you can do it at Zwift.com, too.

Thanks Milan, good knowledge! I’ll check that.

hi know this is the wring place but i cant find the right one so this will do ,
ive just raced the evr seaside sprints and it didnt say hrm was required so ive been dq and my primes have gone any change f them being reinstated please

cheers dan

hi james ,i got dq from the 14.20 race today seaside sprints for no hr ,even though i checked and it didnt say you ad t wear one , first event with you guys ,any chance it result and primes be reinstated cheers dan

@Daniel_Palmer_No2_AR You will need to send a request Zwiftpower@zwift.com and reference the Zwiftpower event ID your Zwiftpower profile and clear request.

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Thank you for the reply

Here we go again. Last Saturday’s Zwift Insider hosted Uber Pretzel event has about 10% or so of the participants with unprocessed data. I’m one of them. Again.

This is another event where we blew our guts out for some sort of virtual reward and it looks like Zwift has dropped the ball again. Like the Cancellara TT and two of the TdZ Stages.

I’ve said this before: The data from our efforts is what we’re doing this for. If Zwift cannot maintain the data reliably, then they need to find someone who can. IIRC, the guys that ran Zwiftpower before didn’t have a problem keeping up with the process. Perhaps they have some answers for ZwiftHQ?

Hey everyone, happy Monday! Hopefully the riding for you all (indoors or out) was great for you.

Looking through this thread, I wanted to give you some information in an effort to let you know what the situation looks like for us here at Zwift HQ. Right now, the biggest issues with ZwiftPower are:

  • Live Data Not Working - We are acutely aware of the massive problem with live data, and how it has what seems like a random propensity to exclude certain riders - some of you more than others - from the results.

  • Post-Race Data Spotty/Not Working - Like the above, we’re aware that the post-race data has also amounted to what you could simply call meaningless after a race. It seems that the data is worse on races where the live data was not working.

Those two points are nothing new, as anyone who’s looked at this thread will have seen; they’re basically a repeat of what I’ve been saying for a while now.

So that of course leads to the obvious: What are we at Zwift doing to fix it, and why has it been going on so long now?

For the eagle-eyed among you, you’ll have seen the snippets where I called out that we are working to implement fixes that will resolve the issue in a more scalable and reliable way in the long term. This is still true. At the moment, we are actively working on this and are exploring our options. We have been in close communication with WTRL about the issue and Martin has been a superstar both in his patience and his provision of data to help us narrow it down.

From a community perspective, I understand where the question “what is Zwift even doing?” is coming from. I, like so many of you, am entrenched in various communities across the internet and they each have their share of parallel situations. For me, there is nothing more vague - and even frustrating at times - than “we hear you, we’re working on it.”

I wish we had a better update right now and we don’t. We are working hard on the issue and will share an update as soon as we have better visibility into the solution.

Thank you all for your understanding, and Ride On!


A lot of words to say little - Try to go for something a little more sincere next time. @xflintx



“We’re Zwifting the ■■■■ out of this.”

No comment regarding reaching out to the old ZP guys to help?

*By the way the word blanked out is the opposite of heaven. No idea why it was censored.


Hey - Not sure if my use case is slightly different but i’ve been directed here by Zwift support. It was brought to my attention after last weeks ZRL that my power numbers were different to that of my team mates (much lower). I record all my rides to my Wahoo headunit to review data in Training Peaks and noticed a 23w discrepancy between that and the ZwiftPower data (20 min power). I did some investigation comparing the same .FIT file that had been used by ZWIFT and it matches (as you would expect) my headunit power. Looking back and examining various ZP data “most” are inaccurate also! I wonder how many others are blissfully unaware this is happening and even more concerning is that rider *could be racing in the the wrong CAT because ZP is not accurately reflecting the power presented in the .FIT file???

Thanks for at least trying to update us @xflintx but really it is lots of exactly what you astutely pointed out is just frustrating as a customer… “we are working on it”

As already asked many times why don’t you consult the guys that built the system who already said they can help and are willing to help… I can only assume Zwift have reasons for not keeping them involved but if so what!?!

Let’s hope the next update has some better news.


@PETER_BRADBURY It looks like your rides are all marked private in Zwift and therefore Zwiftpower is using your live data, not fit file, hence the differences.

Wonder why support couldnt answer that.

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