Missing Live Data Update

I’ve been affected by this also. Missing loads of data on Zwiftpower… NP lower than average power… 20 min power lower than average power… missing 20 min power…
Not sure what’s happening but would be great if you could sort this

It is happening in many non WTRL races too.

Issue Is going basically out of control and data integrity of Zwiftpower are going to be really fake.

Unfortunately, with Live Data pretty much dead, many people will see incorrect power data for any event. Live data can take as long as 30 minutes to even start which is essentially 30 minutes of unanalyzed power data for those riders. When it does start (if it does start!) it may last 3 minutes which in turn means the averages are calculated solely on those 3 minutes.

@Jon_Wakefield - this is what has happened to the Platinum League (Mixed) event. Live data began functioning 33 minutes into the event and was present for just a few minutes before it stopped again. Many of the Espresso teams had or were almost finished by then meaning ZwiftPower did not have 20 minutes of data to work with.

The effect? People being upgraded in category, people not being upgraded in category, people sailing under race integrity protection systems (2.8wkg in a D race etc).

Where the ZRL is concerned, WTRL have some fairly significant software in place which has been self-developed at an extraordinary amount cost and time to try and repair missing data directly from Fit Files to at least protect the integrity of the leagues. We continue to develop this and hope (and long) for a solution from Zwift soon.


Just had the same issue for the first time on a Pack and a 3R ride two days running so not wtrl. looked like only one or two of us affected on both rides and me both days which is a coincidence. Posting in case helps investigate profile.php?z=2809929

events.php?zid=1652273 Showed what looked like all other riders with full power data straight after the race, Strava had my full data straight after, zp 5/1/30/15 only appeared next morning.

events.php?zid=1659960 Yesterday. 3 out of 300 of us still not showing 5/1/30/15 power in zp but full file in Strava and can see the .fit graphs in zp. (Did also have a weird bug in game of only moving my position downwards on the nearby riders list even when moving ahead so ended up at 290/290 even when on the fence!)

Same issue here. I do a race, get power and time etc, I have a recorded weight and heart rate, and yet no power data (James STEWART) in attached. What am I doing wrong?

In this race

Many thanks


TDZ Stage 6: Group Ride 31 January 2021 18:00.
Data missing for many riders.

Not having reliable ZP LIVE data is really hurting our events. Any update on a solution? Races like the Chop are now impossible to call, and all our events that have a race component at the end are impossible to divide into legit racers & fliers.
We’re finding that mostly LIVE populates correctly at the beginning, but then we stop getting any updates from around the 20-25 minute mark.


TDZ Stage 5 is gone too (it was there previously):

  • events.php?zid=1588326
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Hey everyone, a quick update for the upcoming ZRL races:

We will not have live data fixed today to support those events in that way. We’re still plugging away on it, and I still have no different news than we’ve got some leads we think we’re doing alright with, but the solution is not as concrete as we need right now.

I understand this is really not ideal, and not how ZwiftPower used to work prior to us moving it in-house. As always, thanks for your patience.


did you complete the events? did you turn it off and back on again?

Just as prioritization feedback, I used to have 2-3 months of Zwift subscription per year before starting the WTRL races and joining my online club in early 2020, been steady since and intend to keep e-racing - but not much point racing without results. Not much point in Zwift to me outside of the dead of winter without racing.


Are you trying to I understand existing code and fix it or completely rebuild / rework the old system set up?

I am sure no one needs reminding that the recent changes on how zwiftpower was managed was instigated and publicised as a move to a more scaleable robust infrastructure.
I dont recall this level of onging disruption and general lack of HA and DR in these systems before this was instigated. Given the ongoing degraded performance and reliability of the service. I am not sure this has passed the criteria of success .


There’s an awful lot of words here, but further up the thread you’ve got an offer from someone who will probably help you get this sorted in no time at all (because they actually know the system inside out). Eat some humble pie for the sake of all of us!


Same situation here for me

20 min power missing from
9.2.2021 Zwift Racing League | WTRL - Men’s/Mixed EMEA E1 DIVISION 6

2.2.2021 Zwift Racing League | WTRL - Men’s/Mixed EMEA E1 DIVISION 6

All power data missing from
19.1.2021 Zwift Racing League | WTRL - Men’s/Mixed EMEA E1 DIVISION 6

17.10.2020 Zwift Racing League | WTRL - Men’s EMEA E1 DIVISION 1

Are you gonna do something about it or just continue to blame previous ZP operators?

Not going to write the events id since there is sooo many. In one month, I’ve lost my 15sec-1min-5min-20min best powers and entire data from races. Max HR, bodyweighy and height aren’t available in some events(on ZP, once it’s over) but avg HR is. I finished first Cat B in a race but my data aren’t there, same with second, third and fourth of Cat A. Zwiftpower’s been a joke lately.

We are working to understand the original structure of the site and then make changes that can handle more volume more reliably.

I’m not going to argue with you on that at all. From a user perspective, it’s taken a significant step backwards. It also depends on what you define as success. If you’re looking for 1:1 parity from how ZwiftPower used to operate and how quickly the original team could get fixes out, I would argue that we’re not successful.

However, what I want to point out (but not tout as being “better”) is that we now have no site-wide crashes, delays, or instability. The site is reliably up and is more capable of handling the demands put on it by the number of users than ever before. In that way, we’ve been successful.

That still doesn’t mean that your data is there and everything looks perfect; far from it. We realize this. I’m hopeful that providing some transparency will bring a bit of clarity around what we’re currently tackling. That’s all.

We’re going through our awkward teenage years with ZwiftPower right now, and the only way forward is through.


@xflintx thanks for the update and your efforts.

What we are finding frustrating is that is clear (as you say) you are still trying to understand the site, yet the guys that built it are offering to help you and they are being ignored…?! Surely for everyone’s sake get them onboard for a while and move forward for all of us.



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