Missing Live Data Update

Would it be possible to give a regular cadence updates on this? Even if there is no technical update to give. This could foster a postivie reassurance feeling. As one can easily tell everyone here is pretty passionate about racing and digging into statistics.

What is not a help - and the reason I closed the thread - are messages that accuse us of inaction and apathy

It might not be nice to listen to but that is the overwhelming sentiment and we all pay a fairly substantial monthly fee for this app


At the current time we are STILL not in a position to provide results for Race 1 nor Race 2 results for the Zwift Duathlon League.
Despite many weeks of very successful event testing jointly with Zwift, discussions, web and software development - the current state of Zwift game/race data available is (in all honesty) very poor to non-existent making results almost impossible at this time.
There were hopes that this would have been resolved last week with a new data source for us to use (since ZwiftPower is fundamentally broken) but the latest update received by WTRL (yesterday) from Zwift engineers is that another issue has taken priority. This is incredibly disappointing news to us here at WTRL and to the Zwift team that have been working very hard collaboratively to bring this brand new event format to Zwifters.
We are still hopeful that we may be able to rescue the situation but this remains very firmly in the hands of Zwift’s engineering team to fix. We will bring you a further update by Friday of this week.
Yours very sincerely,
A very disappointed WTRL and Zwift crew.

I appreciate that the guys looking after Zwift Power are prioritising it as best they can (like yourself), but at a higher level within Zwift this is proven inaccurate.


Too many people building smart bikes, and not enough working on Zwift software and Zwiftpower.

@xflintx another issues here events.php?zid=1830804
Live data info totally bugged.

Hey everyone,

While we’re seeing some issues with live data still persist here and there, it’s looking like it’s starting to get smoothed back out.

I was personally keeping an eye on WTRL events as best I could yesterday, and noticed that for the most part the data was looking as we would expect it to under normal circumstances.

We aren’t yet calling this one solved, as there’s some more to be done. We’re also working to get a solution for WTRL to make sure their data is as robust as possible and we’re hopeful we’ll have to them soon.

Thanks for calling out the busted events, it’s a big help.


Well that’s pretty good news. I’d suggest putting this update in the ZP thread you started the other day.

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Good thinkin’. I’ll do that now.

Off the back of that update I thought I’d check my race from last night… As an estimate probably 70% don’t have the data pulled from the fit file.

Granted it’s one race, but it contradicts that update?

Not necessarily, no. This update was specifically around live data not giving the correct information during and after a race before the .fit files were uploaded. Usually it takes up to 24 hours in my experience for that .fit file to replace the live data.

However, if race data isn’t being replaced with .fit file data, that’s an issue in and of itself.

Won’t let me add the link sorry.

Plenty of green lightning bolts on the event above from last night which I raced in. I assume the green ones indicate no .fit file processed? Is this one of the issues currently being looked at?

Thanks guys:)

Hi Flint, This is a separate issue and one that I raised a while ago but it kind of got forgotten about since there were bigger problems.

Hopefully now that the Live data is looking better perhaps you could look at this…


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@shooj - So, race discussion has completely disappeared now that it’s gone from the ZwiftPower page. The ‘elegant solution’ is obviously going into the backlog of change requests and not important enough to fix. It’s easy though - have the existing link on the results sheet point to a thread named with the convention you posted earlier, or create it if it doesn’t exist.

I really want to give this a chance, but everything is getting worse, not better. ZwiftPower live doesn’t work anymore, Zwift is less stable… just stop breaking things. ZwiftPower and the racing community is the only thing other than momentum Zwift has over a bunch of competitors right now. Communities have a lot of inertia, but I’ve watched online communities move locations wholesale before.

I’ve done a few rides on RGT now. I tried it last summer, but was really unstable at the time. Seems better now, and RGT-DB is starting to give some race results.


They’re also developing an ELO style ranking system. If it works well this could be a key differentiator.


Glad to hear that RGT are starting to provide some much-needed competition to Zwift.


Now there’s a race format I’d like to see (and maybe even do myself); everybody connect to both platforms and do a race on the same course on both simultaneously with the same power source, combined placings decide the final results omnium-style.

I think there are some holes in the ELO-derived rankings ruleset they’ve got so far, but hopefully most can be plugged.

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Yeah hopefully just a starting point. If you use rankings to determine categories as opposed to matchmaking, you end up with people stuck at the top or stuck at the bottom. ‘Dynamism’ is the key. There is a rankings system for online car racing that is apparently the best in class, I cannot remember what it is called though.

This one What is iRating? Answers & Tips to boost your iRating! | Sim Racing Rigs?

This one also explains how this works for car racing https://d3bxz2vegbjddt.cloudfront.net/members/pdfs/20201028-iRacing-Sporting-Code_dated_Oct_28_2020.pdf A lot is specific to car racing, but it is also easy to see the similarities to bike racing.

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Doesn’t that depend on a few factors.

  • not all events are split by category, in an open event a rider would risk losing more points
  • if decay is factored into the rankings you still need to race to stay at the top

The system is very much at beta stage in order to assess the rollout and look for weaknesses.