Missing .fit file locally and in Feed


I just finished my first race in quite some time eventId=3580324.
The race shows up in my ZwiftPower profile but that’s the only place I can find it. It is missing from the Zwift Feed and my linked Strava account.
In Documents\Zwift\Activities the newest file, the “inProgressActivity.fit”, is from two weeks ago. After restarting the game, a few sentry files were created in the Zwift folder which makes me think that something didn’t work as expected during the last session, though this is just speculation.

Is this a known Issue, because this is the first time I encountered a fit file missing completely.

Edit: I just saw that Windows “controlled folder access” blocked ZwiftApp.exe, as well as ZwiftWindowsCrashHandler.exe from accessing Documents\Zwift\ at the time of the race. This might just be a coincident but could be causing this issue