Missing Events On Zwift Companion

Was going to sign my daughter up for event (SAS Kids on Thursday 6pm Australian time), which she have done numerous times before. But we could not find it listed on Zwift companion, and immediately thought it was cancelled.

However, on further searching it is definitely on according to SAS Cycle Club (Facebook), and on Zwiftpower. Finally able to join only when we saw it after login to Zwift events via our desktop. Strange. Bug or something we are not doing right?

I’ve very seen that sort of thing before too - ZC not showing an event that’s on ZwiftPower, and the ZP link taking you to it fine on ZC.

Check your filter options in the Companion.

It wasn’t the filter options when it happened to me.

Cliché but…have you tried switching off and on again?

Sometimes happens and works every time

Did all the above suggestions (resetting ZC event filter) at the time gents. Even logged in with wife’s account, three including my little one … nada for that specific event. But anyway, desktop worked. Doesn’t explain it but …