Missing drops

Hi all

Im new to zwift

Two times now, I went for a ride and got drops, route completion badge and otter badges. But when im done and logged out, My route is showed in My stats, but My drops are what they were before My ride and The route badge, paparazzi badge And 100 ride ons badge that i got during The ride, is not in My Collection.

Is this normal??

Hi @Carsten_Thygesen

Welcome to the forum.

No it is not normal. Having Zwift open on multiple devices are usually the problem.

Also restarting your device before every ride is a good idea.

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Thank you Gerrie for The answer.

I was looking at routes on My phone app before i started up My laptop to ride on that. But i didnt launch a ride on My phone? Is that The problem?

I also opened The companion app severel times during The ride. Is that The problem?

Companion is fine.

Thank you