Missing different categories datas

Lately I can’t see on Apple TV different riders categories then mine wrap up on the right side of the screen . I can see riders coming from the bottom of the screen but just no idea about their categories, speed, mileage, watts and time difference …

If it is a race some events select an option to only show riders within your category on the riders nearby window.

Yes was a race and thanks for your answer. Any chance that you know this at the time you register for the race ?

It’s been forever since I’ve raced on Zwift due to the cluster f*ck of a system they have but IIRC if it isn’t a mass start event (ie each group is in their own pens) you will only see others in your category on the list. But I may be wrong and others who race more often might chime in to provide more info.

Thanks again for your quick replay. Without saying I don’t like it but it is what it is .