Missing descriptions

(P Ü) #1

Hey guys,


I just signed up to swift, but i can´t use it. In many buttons, there are missing scripts (see attached)

(Jason K) #2

I had a look at your account, and you’re running on a VERY underspec graphics card. I’m honestly surprised the game event loads for you, and that GPU is not supported. If you have a better computer, I’d recommend that - or you can see what we recommend for a new computer on our website.

(kevin eley) #3

Jason K,
I am having a similar problem but my computer is only a few years old. Can you review my account and provide a recommendation?

(P Ü) #4

Hi Jason,


You´re right. I installed new graphic card, and now it works. 1GB Graphinc card is normally used by gamers :slight_smile: