Missed rapha 500

So anyone else miss the rapha 500 cause Zwift will not work!? I want my kit and bike! Ride on!

what are you talking about ? … sign up for the challenge and do your ride as normal … I logged 63km this morning and I hope to do more tomorrow but i’ll need to get up earlier as i covering for a coworker so need to rise earlier to hit up Watopia … people who got out today and did 500km in a single go are superhuman … and they did that out in the real world … DAMN!

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Talking bout Zwift not working. I signed up for the ride started to try to get on bout 20 mins before it started to warm up and it wouldn’t work. Deleted app and reinstalled. Didn’t work. Installed on another phone still was laggin out.

That sounds more like an issue with your system than with Zwift, especially since the Forum isn’t lit up with posts about it.

Also, the Zwift events are just for fun. I don’t think there are any bikes or kits for completing one of the events. (At least the event description doesn’t indicate this.) The Rapha Festive 500 is actually a Strava event, Zwift is just hosting a series of events related to it.

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Yea I thought it was my phone as well, so I did try on another. But it won’t load still.

What phone? Do you have a solid, and fast, WiFi connection? Have you tried a computer?

Mine is the iPhone 11 Pro and my sons is the same. Haven’t tried a computer.

It’s a known issue with iOS, been discussed on other threads. Zwift’s suggestion was to use something else.

Thank you. Merry Christmas!

If you complete the strava rapha festive 500 challenge you will get a link to redeem an in game kit

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Correct. But nothing for just doing one of the Zwift events associated with the Festive 500, right?

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I believe it to be pairing my Apple Watch. Zwift will not let me log in if it was paired.


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