Minoura RDA 850D Trainer (Settings Question)

(S McGough (BE) C) #1

I have a Minoura RDA 850D trainer. Any suggestion as to what to select during the set up? Not in a position to buy a new trainer, but would like to try Zwift. Already have an trial account and have it sort of working with a group ride scheduled tonight.

During my testing, it seemed my speed was WAY too high. I was passing people left and right and speed was reading 33 MPH + with little effort.

Using Garmin ANT+ USB stick (new version) with the Wahoo BLUE SC SPEED AND CADENCE SENSOR and the Wahoo TICKR X HRM.

Was able to see cadence and HRM on the screen no problem. Watts was reading really high too.

The laptop is about 3 feet in front of the front wheel of my bike, and the connection seems good.

Thanks in advance!

(I did send this to support, but figure it may take some time to reply, so I’m trying the community.)