Minimum Rider Weight for Kids-Accounts

The problem with the kids-accounts is that the minimum weight with Zwift is 45kg. My son is currently 139cm at 28kg. Riding Zwift on my Smart Trainer (Wahoo Kickr 4.0) in the flat is possible but when a hill comes he stand on the bike and the Speed is nearly zero. This demotivates the children. The discussion has been going on at Zwift for a long time, I hope that a solution will be found soon. At least for the kids accounts. Now it is not possible and not fair for the light children to ride races and comparable results. Even if Zwiftpower subsequently calculated the performance data correctly, but the children are demotivated during the race.
Regards Thomas

Please vote up the already existing Feature Request: Junior Rider Weight- Needs a lower minimum

Closing this thread to keep the focus on the main on.

Ride On!

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