Minimise Screen for film watching (in work out mode)

(Bradley Murphy) #1

Hi there,

I love zwift and have also used tried Trainerroad. I think it would be useful if you had the option to minimise the screen and follow a workout(erg mode) but not have to cycle around the island. Whilst in 9 time out of 10 I love the island, sometimes I would like to watch a film on netflix etc and just have the basic metric at the bottom on the screen. This is a feature on trainer road and If this was incorporated it would negate the need to even consider TR (also once the workout section and plans are improved).

The other useful item would be the selection of workouts on iOS. On my iphone its really difficult to select a workout (because the selection screen is so small). It would be good if when you choose the workout dropdown (in iOS) if the selection and drop downs become full screen automatically. This would improve the user experience massively IMHO. 





(Nick LaVeaux) #2

Hi Bradley,

If your computer can handle it, you should be able to choose the option in Zwift to use “Windowed Mode” and then stream your video over that window, only exposing the left side (to see your workout information). I’d also recommend using the Zwift Mobile Link to see your current performance. This should allow you to watch something else while still Zwifting. 

But as a feature request, let’s see how it tracks with the community. Other users will have the opportunity to vote on this feature to gain support for it.

Best of luck on your feature request!

(M atthias H (ZRG)) #3

To be honest, the window mode in connection with ZML should be fine. Please do not use your ressources into this request.


No offense here, but there are really better ideas around. :slight_smile:

(Gabriel Maheux) #4

I disagree, this is a good idea, while there’s a lot of stuff to do I wouldn’t dismiss a good idea… especially if it’s a feature that the main competitors have as it avoid people to make a choice on that feature. While I like the Zwift virtual world feature most of the time, sometime I need a precise workout and the people are a distraction that either makes me push too much or let me think I’m doing good enough, and in either case not doing what I’m supposed too…


While the windowed mode paired with the phone is a good idea, what about those training with only one device that don’t have clear window options? I mean iOS device, (likely android too) and Apple TV.

(Jason Lewiss) #5

The ability to have a smaller workout view while watching something, similar to Trainerroad would be greatly appreciated. 

I’ve tried your work around but I don’t see a “windowed mode” setting at all. Where would I find this? I’m using the app on a Macbook.

(Alex Tate (CLS)) #6

I think that this is an excellent idea.

(Dave M.) #7

Honestly I think this is a no-brainer.  Other platforms have this and it would take minimal coding to incorporate into Zwift.  Lack of this feature (and at least some integrated data crunching) is why I don’t use Zwift as often or as long as I should and wouldn’t recommend it as a “serious” training platform to friends.  Watopia, etc. might be mildly entertaining… but not for 8 hours a week.  

(Ryan Jolley) #8

I’m brand new to Zwift, having previously used both TrainerRoad and The Sufferfest. This feature is an absolute must; there are times when I want to watch videos or the news, not the people cycling around beside me, especially when I’m not doing a group ride.

(Lachlan Cosgrove) #9

I’m new to zwift, and whilst the racing is fun, long slow distance can get a little cumbersome. This feature would add greatly to the platform. 

I’m using 4K Apple TV.

(Brigitte Nill) #10

I would appreciate a feature like that, using Apple TV mostly.