Mini Map - not for me ****Update October 2nd: Zwift did a quick fix!****

(Yves Bouchard ('59)*Tecnica Group*) #1

I would like to say that in situation where we a are climbing, the mini-map is not useful. The former macro image of the climb that we used to have was much better.

The macro image of the climb allowed us to visualize how much effort is left to deploy and be strategic with our climb.

I really miss it and would hope to have the choice to get it back. 



(Steve Watson) #2

I agree with Yves. Plus the inline number is to small

(🚁💨 choppa.slw) #3

+1, I’d often watch the zoomed-in grade graph more than the main display itself (and plan my power output around coming grade), I’m certain there’s people who will find the new mini map useful, but I’d like to have access to the old which was more relevant to my Zwifting.

(Stef Levolger) #4

With plenty of screen space in the 4k age, just give us the option to display both for those of us who’d want that as well I’d say.

(Arash Arash) #5

Yes, I use iPad mini and mini map’s road steepness is very hard to track 

I really love to go back to previous climbing view 

(Eric Oshlo) #6

+1 I really miss the ability to see my location on the overall climb.

Additionally, I’d like the ability to zoom the mini map view out to see where I am on the overall course or at least the selected course.

Both of these would only take two additional mouse clicks in the view cycle.

(2 RollingStoned) #7

I agree, the mini map is nice but not at the expense of the macro grade indicator. Please find a way to bring that back! It’s key to gauging power output during a ride. Thanks.

(Mike Prytherch) #8

My first ride yesterday I found the gradient too small, but just been up the mountain and I see the gradient number getting bigger as the steepness gets higher, please just make the font size the same all the time, when its below 3% it too small to read,  I suggest making the font size the size of the the 8%

(2 RollingStoned) #9

Having now done a few more rides with this new presentation I’m actually quite annoyed, always wishing I knew what grades were coming and how soon. That info was more important than the mini map or the graph at the bottom of the mini map. Why you would drop the macro grade indicator is beyond me. Huge drop in perceived value of Zwift now. I may not continue my subscription and I’m not happy to have to say that.

(Robert Buice) #10

I cannot find the correct words to express how much I hate the new map.  It convert no useful information and we lost the very useful detailed climb information.  The map spins and rotates which constantly draw attention to it, which is distracting and really ruins the zwift experience.  I also previously liked zwift because it created the illusion of riding in an infinite world. The map makes it feel small and since your attention is constantly drawn to it it makes it feel like you are just following a dot on any other stationary trainer.  It is a dramatic downgrade to the experience. Please get rid of it or allow us to select the old display as a preference.  Thanks.  

(. Bath Salts (84Kg) (EV) C) #11

They really F it up on this one. now Fix it. #iLoveZwift

(Yves Bouchard ('59)*Tecnica Group*) #12

Thank You Zwift!

You did listen to us and were “swift” to react and tweak the programming.

It may not be as perfect as it was before however I am pretty sure that this compromise was the quickest fix anyone could ever do in short period to please the crowd.

I could live with this upgrade, if in the end you could improve these:

A) Could you please enlarge this graph to make it crisp and more readable?

B)Could you ensure that the % grade stays always the same size (BIG)?

(. Bath Salts (84Kg) (EV) C) #13

  so I up vote on this first time, now I have to down vote, it still no GOOD, FIX the mini map still on going.

(🚁💨 choppa.slw) #14

Please reinstate the old gradient map as one of the optional UI maps (via mouse click).  It would also be nice if no map at all was one of the options, but I really hope that old map comes back, it was a highly functional tool for racing.

(Rob Lines, Tri-Anglia) #15

I also preferred just the profile to the mini map that was in the top right corner.  The new map on the mobile link app is awesome.

(2 RollingStoned) #16

The quick fix (does that imply there is a “Long Fix” in the works???) is better than nothing but it isn’t what was lost. Let me simplify this: put back the old gradient indicator where you could see what grade you were on, for precisely how long remaining, and what grade was coming next. If you guys (Zwift Developers) ride you know the what and why. If you guys don’t ride and feel the current maps meet the vast majority of your customer’s wants/needs than I guess we aren’t in your target market. In that case I suggest we take a look at BKool which has the tool we’re asking for. They need more riders though because they allow you to ride any course you choose (a positive) but that spreads them out pretty thin currently (a negative). C’mon Zwift, you CAN do this, you’ve already proved it.

(Randall Hesse) #17

I fear that with no response to these old threads, the mini map may be here to stay- but I would agree with the large number of riders who are expressing their frustration with the big step backwards in useability that comes with the loss of a simple, readable elevation profile.  If you are indeed out there listening, please consider restoring the old elevation/gradient display in some form.