Mini Map Grade Indication Hard to Read

(David Walker) #1

I like the mini map in general.  However, there are two things that I would like to see different:

  1. It would be nice if the grade indicator would change from an uphill (with a number) when the road goes up to a downhill (with a number) when the road goes down.  Right now it looks like an uphill in both cases with just a tiny minus sign on downhills.  It is really hard for me to see the tiny minus sign on the screen in the current scheme.  This mostly affects the smaller grades since a steep up or down is easy to tell from the big picture.

  2. It would be nice to be able to zoom out the mini map to see where you are on your route.  To get an idea if you are half way done, mostly done or whatever.  Now I have to remember the total distance and try to gauge it that way.

(K. Pauwels#RaceWBR(A)) #2

Is that a Joke?! Look on te mini map al is in what you ask?! Go with the mouse on the mini map and you see that the map change. And gradient is in to?':thinking: look and find Good luck :+1::muscle:

(David Walker) #3

I know the gradient is there.  It just uses the same symbol for up and down right now.  That’s what I think is confusing.

I have never tried the mouse when I ride since I can’t reach my computer.  I watch on the TV and the computer is out of reach since I don’t want to sweat on it.

(Mark Randall) #4

The grade is far too small when running. Ok my bike/kickr it changes the effort for me, so less of an issue, but to adjust the treadmill when running I need to be able to read the number. On an iPad, it’s just too small.

(John Grimpeur) #5

I also like the idea of the map. Like David and Mark, I would like to see the baseline gradient numbers in a larger font size - maybe the same as the steeper grades. Nice work however! Thanks guys.

(Mike Prytherch) #6

Love the mini-map it is awesome, the grade is way too small though, I run on an iPad and with my old eye sight I can’t see it, its a backward step, can you just increase the size of it please, at least on the iPad, making it bigger will not effect the mini map at all as its in the top right and won’t obscure anything… thanks… UPDATE: Just been up the mountain and I see the size gets bigger as hill gets stepper, please just make the font size the same and not change it, I suggest using the size of the 8%, this shows up pretty well and I can actually read the number !

(C Hil) #7

Definitely agree that the grade indicator in the mini map is hard to see when running.  It would be wonderful if it could be adjusted larger so that I could quickly see the Grade % change, making manual changes to the treadmill elevation much easier.

(e ggplant.wizard) #8

Have been using Zwift for about a year. This is my first time back in a few months after summer riding outside. I have to say the mini map is a neat feature, but the grade indicator is really terrible. It went from being very prominent to barely visible. Getting used to the new layout, it took me about five minutes to even notice where it was. I plug my macbook into a 40" widescreen television via HDMI. When viewing in full screen, half of the single digit grade indicator is pushed off screen. Even if it was fully on screen, it is just so stinkin’ small. I can appreciate the effort in making upgrades to the interface, but this is definitely a step backwards. 

(Rob Einaudi) #9

Another vote to make the grade indicator bigger and more prominent. I’d even consider superimposing it on the road near the front tire of the avatar/rider and have the color change for up vs down.

(Dan Billingsley) #10

I agree the grade indicator is way too small when Running.  It would be nice if a big number would pop up when the gradient changes, so you can make grade changes on the treadmill.