Milestone foot pod not working after the second latest update

All as well until I loaded the second update today and now I can’t run… the Milestone is picked up but when I run or calibrate nothing gers picked up by Zwift so I don’t move.
Please sort this out, it’s getting beyond a joke! Every update is full of bugs.

Hi David,

I can understand the urge to blame an issue on the update, especially when something isn’t working correctly shortly after a recent Zwift app update, and you’re correct that sometimes an update is responsible for issues that arise in Zwift. However, it’s important to note that Zwift releases a fair number of updates each month, and they’re not always to blame for technical issues. Oftentimes technical problems and the release of an update are merely coincidental. I recommend looking at your device and Zwift setup first, and we can go from there.

For starters, I would suggest checking the Milestone app to make sure your device’s firmware is current and up to date. If that doesn’t help, try removing the battery from the Milestone foot pod and then reinsert it to see if that resolves the issue. We also have a Milestone Pod Troubleshooting article on the Zwift Support site, which may have some other potential solutions for you.

If problems persist, please submit a support request if you haven’t already done so, and a Zwift team member will be happy to take a closer look at this matter.

Running seems to be working now but the Zwift app has crashed twice in the last week when riding so I’ve submitted a ticket and attached the corrupt files