Miles Logged is less then the total

I am new Subscriber to Zwift and have ridden 169.3 miles but the “Miles Logged” says I have only ridden 158. Why is that?

Hi George,

Do you see a difference in Strava and Zwift?

No, Strava and Zwift are the same from ride to ride. Its just on the Zwift “total miles” ridden verse if I add up all the miles of all the rides on Zwift… its shows total miles as about 10 miles less. Not a huge deal but just wanted to mention it.

It has happened to a few people and I know it is on Zwift’s radar to resolve it.

I have the opposite problem.  I keep a daily record of each ride in Excel and the cumulative mileage of the Zwift daily numbers is less than the total mileage listed for me at the top of my profile page.