Mid-ride Zwift updates (feature-ish)

(Allan Watkins) #1

Just curious, how are you handling code updates / server maintenance if players are mid-ride?

I was thinking if it’s possible to not log us out but allow our local instance to continue on and continue recording, just toss an announcement up and log out the other players. Then we can finish our workout without worrying about losing the data from it.

(Allan Watkins) #2

Err… I hate how zendesk doesn’t allow agents to edit posts very well… By logging out the other players I meant everyone disappears and just stays in their own local game to finish the ride.

(Jon Mayfield) #3

Generally our updates don’t “break” the game, and we can simply allow users with a newer version to start logging in even if users with older versions are still playing. There’s a couple hours where there may be a mix of versions that are live.

In the very rare case where we do have to take down the server, or your internet connection is lost, you will still be able to continue and finish your ride alone in the world - however the auto upload to strava and Zwift will not happen, and you may lose “credit” for your ride. We will try and make things as seamless as possible.

(Allan Watkins) #4

That’s pretty cool, since I haven’t been online during any maintenance or what not I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I would totally hate to be mid ride and lose the ride data, I am finding my ant+ dongle is collecting data much more accurately than my garmin but I still use the garmin as a backup collector.